Social Zen beyond Zoom

Social skills and tools for a confusing digital age

As we migrated into the digital world recently we are in constant communication with the world. Be it communicating and collaborating with colleagues or friends we often are not following the best practices to meaningfully connect with them. Relating to them over digital media requires understanding the barriers in digital and remote communication, cultural differences, and personal safety in a digital world.  

Here you will learn the digital competency needed to start and manage relationships ethically and sustainably for a virtual world.

  • Understand the importance of digital ethics 
  • Collaborate with remote teams
  • Practice Email Etiquette for professional communication
  • Identify differences in behavior in the digital world between various age groups
  • Tools for remote teams that can be used for in-depth and micro learning. 
  • Ensure safety of self and the others while communicating over digital media
  • Understand the importance of personal mental well-being and ensure it

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My name is Imran Khurshid and I come from the background of learning design and facilitation, soft skills development, and project management. I grew up in Asia and visited several countries including Sweden and the United States. I have always been fascinated by how much people can accomplish using soft skills. This has made me passionate in designing effective learning solutions for people’s soft skills development in various countries.