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Work with us to help Ukrainians get a better life in Sweden

Logotyper för: Fridhems folkhögskola Myllret Studiefrämjandet Skåne-Blekinge Sensus Skåne-Blekinge  Albins folkhögskola Malmö folkhögskola  S:ta Maria folkhögskol Skurups folkhögskola  FN-Förbundet Malmö / Support for Ukraine Hållbar Utveckling Skåne

We help our participants to maximize their chances of finding work and build a life in Sweden.

We offer flexible programmes where the participants learn and work in groups to gain knowledge, develop new skills and strengthen their social and workrelated networks.

The Care Myllret programmes are a part of the project Care: Myllret Skåne-Ukraina, which is financed by the European Social Fund. The aim is to make efforts for women and men who are covered by the Temporary Protection Directive as a result of the war in Ukraine, with the objective for them to find ways to work and to become socially involved.

The project is run by Fridhems folkhögskola in Svalöv as part of Myllret, a collaboration platform focused on lifelong learning for a good and sustainable work life. The collaborating parties are Malmö folkhögskola and S:ta Maria folkhögskola in Malmö, Skurups folkhögskola in Skurup, Ystad and Malmö, Albins folkhögskola in Landskrona, Sensus Skåne-Blekinge and Studiefrämjandet Skåne-Blekinge. These seven folkbildning organisations all have long experience in supporting refugees and new arrivals in finding ways forward, and all have their established relationships with local partner organisations, authorities and employers. The non-profit associations Hållbar Utveckling Skåne and Malmö’s local UN Association FN-förbundet Malmö with their volunteer network Support for Ukraine, are both involved in the project and contribute with knowledge and with a network of employers and people from Ukraine in Skåne.

Note: While we have several Ukraininan team members, we also have Russian team members, all with a track record of working for the Ukrainian cause. For practical reasons, a few people in the staff and some guests will be using the Russian language to communicate with participants, if the alternative is not understanding each other.

Care Myllret offers FREE, FULL TIME education and orientation programmes for adult Ukranians living in Skåne covered by the Temporary Protection Directive.

Care Myllret is a project funded by the European Union / the European Social Fund. Seven independent ”folkbildning” organisations collaborate to help you take steps towards getting a job in Sweden. 



Swedish or English

Lessons and training – The participants start at their current level.

Swedish labour market

We help our participants figure out how to apply their professional skills in a new country and what it takes to get a job.

Digital skills

Our participants gets the chance to upgrade their knowledge of digital tools to work and study successfully.

Rights and support

We teach our participants about their and support options as a parent, a job seeker, or when sick or having a disability.

Swedish society

We help our participants get orientented in Swedish society and culture.

Answers to your questions

We also offer you a series of webinars and a podcast channel, where we invite experts to answer all your specific questions.

Get assistance

We can also help participants with professional and everyday tasks that can feel diffucult in a new country:

  • Set up your bank account,
  • Register on job websites,
  • Polish your CV and portfolio for Swedish job market,
  • Validate your Ukrainian school grades, degrees and credentials

Help strenthen our participants networks

Invite us for a visit to your workplace!

Let our participants meet you and present their skills and ask questions about what you as an employer needs.

Invite our participants to your organisation for an excursion or activity

“In Sweden, it’s not uncommon that job recruiting happens through informal connections.

Our team works hard for every participant to get in touch with people as much as possible, with as precise matchmaking as possible. This makes a real difference”.

Albin Balthasar Elvstrand
Project Manager of Care Myllret